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Links of Interest

The Hampton Roads Show spot featuring PingPong for Charity. Come join us at the 8th Annual Celebrity SLAMFest Kick Off Party on Friday, September 9th, 7pm to 11pm, and the Tournament on Saturday, September 10th, starting at 8am! Click the "Ping Pong for Charity" logo on the left for more information!

Dr. Sautter discusses the exciting results of the Birdsong Initiative, a study conducted at Westminster Canterbury Senior Community. The study examined the therapeutic behavioral and psychoemotional effects of interactive technology use for individuals with dementia.

"As nursing communities across the United States deal with new guidance to reduce antipsychotic use, strategies such as the Birdsong Initiative are looking to replace medication with technology." - from

"The study found dramatic results associated with the use of bedside touchscreen computers loaded with software developed by Colorado-based It’s Never 2 Late and referred to as iN2L. [...] The study measured the effects of using the technology on 62 Westminster-Canterbury residents with varying levels of dementia. Conducted from June to December last year, the study found that six of seven residents who were on continuous antipsychotic medications decreased their use to varying degrees. Four in 10 had a clinically significant reduction in use of the drugs." - from

Cogmed is an evidence-based program for improving your working memory and attention skills. It is like having a "personal trainer" at a "mental gym."

Hampton Roads Neuropsychology is a qualified Cogmed practice.

"Our Mission is to Raise Awareness of the THERAPEUTIC Value of Table Tennis on BRAIN FITNESS and MENTAL HEALTH. We Utilize the Brain-Stimulating Sport of Table Tennis, and Therpeutic Programs of Ping Pong to Increase Awareness and to Raise Money for Organizations that will directly benefit those facing Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Depression and Mild to Moderate Intellectual Disabilities." - from

"To date, the PingPongforPOVERTY Charity Tournament has raised over $100,000 for PiN Ministry –providing help to those who need food, shelter, medical care and so much more, including a friend or a relationship they can count on.

"And as added benefits, the event brings families together, is great excercise and pomotes the sport of Table Tennis, the 3rd fastest growing sport in the country!

"Come on! Please share with your friends and join us our upcoming Annual Ping PongforPOVERTY Charity Tournament to benefit People In Need Ministry," - from

"Ken Lees and his nonprofit organization Ping Pong for Charity are trying to use ping pong to foster friendships and more interaction between different groups of kids in some of our schools." - from

"Local high schools competed in the Monarch Bank Battle of the Paddles school ping-pong and scholarship events on April 16. [...] Dean Johnson, a recent Table Tennis Hall of Fame inductee, performed exhibitions, Dr. Scott Sautter talked about playing ping-pong and brain fitness. KETTLER donated table tennis tables to the schools." - from

This link takes you to the Virginia-Pilot’s Beacon article on Seniors facility touts ping-pong as therapy for mind and body, by David McCauley, correspondent. Dr. Sautter describes ping-pong as a game of “aerobic chest”. “It’s great for eye-hand coordination, reflexes, balance, planning, strategy and a stress reliever exercise in the mind and body in a safe activity for everyone”.

(Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing)

Computerized neouropsychological testing specifically designed for post-concussion return-to-play evaluations.

CNS (Computerized Neurospsychological Screening) Vital Signs is a computer-based collection of simple tests to measure different aspects of brain function. It allows us to get a quick snap-shot of how the brain is doing. The typical CNS-VS battery takes about 30-45 minutes to complete, and results become available and can be printed for review within minutes after test completion.

"SharpBrains is an independent market research firm and think tank helping organizations and individuals navigate the emerging brain fitness and applied neuroscience field. We maintain an annual state-of-the market report series, publish consumer guides to inform decision-making, produce an annual global and virtual professional conference., the firm’s educational blog and website, is one of the most popular brain blogs with 100,000+ monthly readers and 45,000+ eNewsletter subscribers." - from

"Our mission is to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke by developing compelling education and programs focused on prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and support for all impacted by stroke." - from

"Luria Neuroscience Institute (LNI) is an organization dedicated to advancing research and education in the fields of cognitive neuroscience and clinical neuropsychology, and to disseminating knowledge about brain function and dysfunction. The mission of The Luria Neuroscience Institute is to make state-of-the art information and cutting-edge ideas about neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience available both to the professionals and among the general public through lectures, workshops, seminars, and other educational programs." - from

This fun and educational website has a great description of the different parts of the brain and their respective functions, as well as several fun tests and puzzles you can do to learn more about how your brain works.

Mr. Afer-Anderson interviews Dr. Sautter regarding the latest information and guidelines in concussion care and management through his popular TV show HealthWatch. This program reviews the symptoms, treatment strategies, and consequences of sports related concussions.

This article concerns how concussions interfere with not only returning to play sports but also how it affects the individual’s academic achievement in school. Just as there is a gradual increase in physical exertion monitored by concussion care specialists, there ought to be in place a monitoring of a gradual increase in cognitive exertion for school related activities.

"A new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found no indication former NFL players are at greater risk for suicide than the general U.S. population, and they’re also significantly less likely to die from cancer, heart disease and homicides." - from

"After years of damaging publicity, the National Football League reached a surprise settlement with a group of 4,500 former players who sued it over concussion-related issues." - from (Full article linke above).

"The size and scope of the proposed $765 million settlement between the N.F.L. and the more than 4,500 retired players who sued the league, claiming it had hid information about the dangers of head trauma, are likely to be debated. But, as in other such deals, each side had ample reason to compromise." - from (See full link above).

"Nearly three years after former athletes filed the first of several concussion lawsuits against the NCAA, a settlement has been reached that would change association guidelines regarding management of concussions and provide $75 million for medical monitoring and research. [...] As part of the agreement, the NCAA would require member schools make changes to their concussion-management policies and institute return-to-play guidelines. Currently, the association only requires that schools have concussion management plans on file but it does not outline what should be in those plans and has not punished schools for not following them." - from (See full link above)

"She intimidates opponents with her strength and swagger. She steamrolls more experienced competition. She is an American force in an event typically dominated by players from Europe and Asia.

"She is Lisa Modlich, 88, and she's a table tennis world champion." - from (See full link above).

This is Channel 13 coverage of the Westminster Canterbury v Atlantic Shores Ping Pong Tournament.

"A new study conducted by researchers at the Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas [...] found that engaging in a physical exercise regimen helps healthy aging adults improve their memory, brain health and physical fitness. This finding is significant considering that among adults 50 and older, “staying mentally sharp” outranks social security and physical health as the top priority and concern in the United States." - from (See full link above).

"Traumatic brain injury (TBI) refers to damage to the brain caused by an external physical force such as a car accident, a gunshot wound to the head, or a fall. A TBI is not caused by something internal such as a stroke or tumor, and does not include damage to the brain due to prolonged lack of oxygen (anoxic brain injuries). It is possible to have a TBI and never lose consciousness. For example, someone with a penetrating gunshot wound to the head may not lose consciousness." - See more at:

"Coping suggestions for the caregivers of loved ones with disabilities." - from

Job Resources for Brain Trauma Victims

"Can brain-injured people work?

"If a person with an injured brain wants to work, there’s no reason they can’t try. TBI may force a person to rethink their employment expectations, but with proper therapy and rehabilitation, a determined brain-injured person may find great satisfaction in returning to the workforce." - from

"A stroke is a very serious condition that can lead to death or disability if not treated immediately. In fact, the CDC states that in the United States it is the number one cause of long-term, serious disability and the fourth leading cause of death with someone dying every four minutes. Fortunately, it is also a condition that is preventable in 80 percent of the cases according to the National Stroke Association. It can, however, come on suddenly and without warning. By learning about strokes a person can potentially save his or her own life or help save the life of someone else." - from

"For the 700,000 Americans who experience strokes each year, time is of the essence when it comes to treatment—so much so that health practitioners are now referring to strokes as 'brain attacks' to emphasize the importance of getting medical help right away. Recent research has shown that quick intervention dramatically improves a patient’s recovery.

"But equally important in a stroke patient’s recovery is early rehabilitation and a complete understanding of and commitment to the rehabilitation process. [...] Family members can be particularly helpful when it comes to identifying the best ways to psychologically motivate the patient. Family members may also be particularly adept at interpreting communications and signs when speech impairments are present. Family members know the patient better than we ever can. We try to involve them as much as possible. Their commitment often makes a world of difference in terms of recovery." - from

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